Tudlo is a Social Platform
  as a Service


Tudlo is elegantly designed to enhance your experience on Android, iOS, Windows, or PC.


Data is presented effectively to keep you up to date with any of your important information such as events, incidents, weather conditions, natural disasters or other emergencies.


Use the platform on any mobile and web application like Travel, Weather, Crime Report, Social welfare, Road Safety, Disaster Preparedness, Emergency response and other social purpose, Tudlo has it all.

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Provides new and updated web and mobile technologies


The power is in your hands – Stay updated wherever you and your family are with event details and spot locations.


Family matters. Everything we do is designed to manage communication and safety for families and loved ones.

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A Safer, More Proactive Life

Safety is key. The Tudlo app offers the latest information to ensure your safety is accounted for, including weather conditions, traffic information, natural disaster updates and emergency alerts in your respective areas. But that’s not all – the app is equipped with guides to aid you before, during and after a crisis.
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Disseminate Information With Ease

We completely understand the need to be in possession of accurate information. This is why we aggregate our data from the government, media and private sectors alike. Information is available at the touch of a button to ensure you are consistently aware of your surroundings. It’s never been easier to get the info you need, when you need it.
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Stay Connected

Tudlo provides a state-of-the-art web and mobile application designed to be used on the latest smart phones, tablets and PCs and undertakes the role of keeping friends and family connected at all times. Not only do we provide you with vital information regarding unexpected life events, we also organize emergency numbers with your important contacts.