Teaches, Guides and Points for Life Events


Tudlo is elegantly designed to enhance your experience on Android, iOS, Windows, or PC.


Data is presented effectively to keep you up to date with important information such as weather conditions, natural disasters or other emergencies in your area.


Whether you are planning a trip, need to know the latest weather conditions, require information concerning the nearest hospital or clinic, Tudlo has it all.

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Safety guides, emergency numbers and tools for every day use are in place to keep you informed and prepared at all times


The power is in your hands – Stay updated wherever you and your family are with event details and spot locations.


Family matters. Everything we do is designed to manage communication and safety for families and loved ones.

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A Safer, More Proactive Life

Safety is key. The Tudlo app offers the latest information to ensure your safety is accounted for, including weather conditions, traffic information, natural disaster updates and emergency alerts in your respective areas. But that’s not all – the app is equipped with guides to aid you before, during and after a crisis.
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Disseminate Information With Ease

We completely understand the need to be in possession of accurate information. This is why we aggregate our data from the government, media and private sectors alike. Information is available at the touch of a button to ensure you are consistently aware of your surroundings. It’s never been easier to get the info you need, when you need it.
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Stay Connected

Tudlo provides a state-of-the-art web and mobile application designed to be used on the latest smart phones, tablets and PCs and undertakes the role of keeping friends and family connected at all times. Not only do we provide you with vital information regarding unexpected life events, we also organize emergency numbers with your important contacts.

People Behind Tudlo

We believe in Quality over Quantity. We believe in Social Innovation with Social Impact through mobile and web technology. We strive for excellence through hard work and continuous improvement delivering solutions for a Safer, More Secure and Smarter Society. Join our team Today!

Vince Loremia

CEO / Product Manager

Lester Cabalona

Cloud Server Infrastructure Engineer / Mobile Innovator

Eman Daryl Ycot

Mobile and Web Innovator

Yvonne D. Loremia

Sales and Marketing

Bella Donna Econar

Product Evangelist

  • Gives you a great advantage to have a more secure and safer life. I would prefer that each one of us should be train and be developed to use this technology in order to give ourselves on a daily basis a knowledge on what to do before, during and after any events http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIPbo2EFAQQ

  • Tudlo is a good application that can identify risks that means risk avoidance and more resilient community. Tudlo is more than an application for me but an institution on Disaster and Risk Management.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TlAOoQtGCo

  • Useful tool for people in situation of emergencies and disasters.

  • Startups like Tudlo underscore the role of technopreneurs in helping solve the most pressing needs of emerging countries. In markets like the Philippines, disaster preparedness and response are critical for saving people’s lives and for boosting economic development and continuous growth.
    – Earl Valencia, IdeaSpace president

  • We fully support what we call ‘apptivism’ or the use of mobile apps for social good. We are happy that the Tudlo Team efforts to help their fellow Filipinos through technology have been recognized on the world stage. We hope that more Filipinos would be inspired to create innovative digital solutions for the different problems we face.
    – Ramon Isberto, Smart Communications, Inc. Public Affairs Head

  • Communication before, during and after disaster and emergency situations is very important. This is specially so for warning and evacuation. Without good tools for communications, the overall setup of our operations will fail. Communications save a lot of lives. We’re looking forward to using Tudlo to complement our disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation tools.
    – Cedric D. Daep, Ph.D. Department Head, APSEMO

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Tudlo?

Tudlo is a Visayan word that means “to teach, to guide and to point”. Tudlo was built to mediate the frustration around common issues such as Traffic, Road Conditions, Emergencies, Disasters, Catastrophes and other unexpected events in life. These various events have the capability to endanger life, disrupt operations, cause environmental damage and bring significant change to day-to-day living.

Is Tudlo Free?

Yes! Our core service is (and always will be) 100% free of charge.

How do I use Tudlo?

Tudlo provides a state-of-the-art web and mobile application designed for smart phones, tablets and PCs. We currently support iOS, Android and Windows Phones. You can download the Tudlo app on iPhone via Apple Store, Android via Google Play Store, or Windows Store by searching “Tudlo”. Also, you may use Tudlo via major web browser by going to http://www1.tudlo.me. All you have to do is signup to get started!.

How do I invite someone that does not have a smartphone?

First, add others by entering their email address on the invite page. They will receive an email invitation to join your account. Once they accept, they will be prompted to input their email address, and create a password so that they can login online. In addition to the mobile apps, Tudlo can be accessed using any major Web Browsers.